Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord’s Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children

BY: Tim Gallant

For over a millennium, the Christian church in both East and West provided the Lord’s Supper to its children (paedocommunion). The Western (Roman) Church, however, gradually moved away from the practice, and largely abandoned it altogether in the thirteenth century. This move carried over into Protestantism.

Why did the early church commune children? What biblical and theological basis could provide a mandate for a practice which is so foreign to our own way of thinking?

In Feed My Lambs, Tim Gallant explores the meaning of the sacraments and the covenant in connection with our children. He reflects carefully upon the objections to paedocommunion which have been brought forward for the past eight centuries. This irenic biblical, theological and historical study marshals the evidence for the normativity of paedocommunion, for the benefit of scholars, pastors, and laymen.


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